Miyu Pampa

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Miyu Pampa
Location Peru, Huánuco Region, Huamalíes Province
Coordinates 9°23′59.2″S 76°49′34.2″W / 9.399778°S 76.826167°W / -9.399778; -76.826167Coordinates: 9°23′59.2″S 76°49′34.2″W / 9.399778°S 76.826167°W / -9.399778; -76.826167
Height 3,434 metres (11,266 ft)

Miyu Pampa or Miyupampa (Quechua miyu poison, pampa a large plain,[1] "poison plain", Hispanicized spellings Miopampa, Miu Pampa) is an archaeological site in Peru. It lies in the Huánuco Region, Huamalíes Province, Jircan District, it is situated at a height of about 3,434 metres (11,266 ft) about 500 m northeast of Jircan.[2][3]

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