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Mmuseumm 1, Season 4. 2015
Mmuseumm 1, Season 4. 2015

Mmuseumm is a modern natural history museum located in lower Manhattan in New York City, dedicated to its signature curatorial style of "Object Journalism."[1] The first two locations are on Cortlandt Alley between Franklin Street and White Street, sometimes known as Mmuseumm Alley.[2] Mmuseumm is dedicated to the curation and exhibition of contemporary artifacts[3] to illustrate the modern world. Mmuseumm's first wing, Mmuseumm 1, opened in 2012 in a former elevator shaft. The second wing, Mmuseumm 2, opened in 2015 three doors down. It was founded by Alex Kalman, son of Maira Kalman, and the Safdie brothers.[4]

Mmuseumm 2, Season 1. Sara Berman's Closet with Maira Kalman. 2015


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