Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey

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Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey
Studio album by New York Rhythm Machine
Recorded October 19, 1992
Studio Sear Sound, New York City
Genre Jazz
Label Venus
John Hicks chronology
Blues March: Portrait of Art Blakey
Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey
Beyond Expectations

Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey is an album by the New York Rhythm Machine, led by pianist John Hicks.


Pianist John Hicks was part of Art Blakey's band for two years from 1964.[1][2] Blakey died in 1990.[3]

Recording and music[edit]

The album was recorded at Sear Sound, New York City, on October 19, 1992.[4] The musicians were Hicks, bassist Marcus McLaurine, and drummer Victor Lewis.[4]


Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey was released by Venus Records.[4] Venus later issued a CD with the same title, crediting it to Hicks as leader; it contained six tracks, that combined some from the original release and some from Blues March: Portrait of Art Blakey.[4][5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Moanin'"
  2. "Nica's Dream"
  3. "'Round Midnight"
  4. "Caravan"
  5. "I Remember Clifford"
  6. "No Problem – 2"



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