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Mahjong tile phone charm

Phone charms (also phone danglers, phone lanyards, phone chains and phone straps) are charms that are connected to a mobile device via a small strap, plug-in tube that fits into the jack port, a band knotted with a Cow hitch knot, or a lanyard. Some phones may have a loop hole through which a strap can be attached. In Japan they are known as "keitai straps" (携帯ストラップ). Phone straps have now become a cultural phenomenon beyond their basic utilities, and they may be decorated or themed with famous characters such as Hello Kitty. Phone straps may also serve additional functions, such as carrying medicine pills.


Phone charms were first popular in Japan and later, in the United States. They are gradually becoming popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In recent years, it has been popular to accessorize a phone this way, and Maki-e stickers are also becoming more common, especially in Japan, and to a lesser extent, Asia.

Types of charms[edit]

There are a variety of charms available, such little figurine characters, rhinestone crystal charms, and small teddy bears. Some charms flash or light up when the phone rings. Many charms also have a small bell attached and there are charms available in Gashapon machines, many of which are based on characters from various popular franchises, such as video games. There are also some charms in which one may put on the finger to clean the device’s display.

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