Mohammed ibn Qasim al-Tamimi

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Al-Tamimi, in full Abu Abd Allah Mohammed ibn Qasim ibn Abd ar-Rahman ibn al-Karim al-Tamimi al-Fasi, (born 1140/5, died 1207/8) was a Moroccan hadith scholar and biographer, author of Al-Mustafad fi manaqib al-ubbad bi-madinat Fas wa ma yaliha min al-bilad.[1]

This book comprises 81 biographies of Moroccan saints. He wrote a fahrasa in which he recorded the names of his teachers and the works he studied under them, called An-Najm al-mushiqa (The resplendent Star). He studied under Abu Madyan. There are also many references to At-Tamimi in the work of Ibn al-Arabi.[2]


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