Moi Avenue (Mombasa)

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Coordinates: 4°3′42″S 39°40′5″E / 4.06167°S 39.66806°E / -4.06167; 39.66806

Moi Avenue
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Length 1.05 mi (1.69 km)
Location Mombasa
West end Kilindini
East end Digo Road

Moi Avenue is a primary thoroughfare in Mombasa, Kenya. The road runs from west to east from Kilindini to a roundabout with Digo Road. Originally called the Kilindini Road, its name was later changed in recognition of Kenya's second President, Daniel arap Moi, the road consists of two two-lane carriageways, and like Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, a central median of approximately 3 feet (1 m) in width, along which flowers and shrubs are often planted.

Moi Avenue is known for two pairs of giant aluminium elephant tusks crossing the dual carriageway, the tusks were commissioned in commemoration of a visit to Mombasa by Princess Margaret in 1956 and have remained since that time[1] although local residents have recently taken to using the lower part of the tusks for fly-posting advertising materials.