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Molly Lansing
HAP Molly.jpg
General Hospital character
Portrayed byHope and Faith Dever (2005–07)
Iris and Ivy Kaim (2007–08)
Haley Pullos (2009–)
First appearanceNovember 10, 2005
Created byRobert Guza, Jr. and Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced byJill Farren Phelps
Book appearancesThe Secret Life of Damian Spinelli
General Hospital: Night Shift
ClassificationPresent, recurring
Other namesDesdemona
Molly Lansing-Davis
Residence2183 Belleforest Drive
Port Charles, New York

Molly Lansing-Davis [1][2] is a fictional character of ABC's General Hospital. The role has been portrayed by Haley Pullos since 2009. Molly is the daughter of Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis. She was born on-screen on November 10, 2005. In 2009, Molly's birth year is changed to 1998.[3] In 2012, Molly states that she is 15, effectively making her birth year 1997.



Molly is the youngest half-sister of Sam McCall and Kristina Davis; all three share the same mother. She is also the niece of mob boss Sonny Corinthos, which makes her both half-sister and first cousin to Kristina, as well as the youngest granddaughter of Mikkos Cassadine and the step-granddaughter of Helena Cassadine.

On November 10, 2005 Molly was born on-screen in the Glencoe tunnel with the help of Dr. Robin Scorpio, after many of Port Charles' best-known residents were involved in a train crash. Through her mother she is descended from Russian royalty, although this is only alluded to. Following her parents' divorce, Ric won primary custody of Molly, with Alexis having visitation rights (although Ric and Alexis later agreed to joint custody). When Ric unexpectedly moved to Los Angeles in June 2009, Molly remained in Port Charles with Alexis.


A SORASed Molly appeared onscreen, portrayed as a bookworm who does well in school. She has to deal with the fallout of her family's problems, including the scandal of Alexis' affair with Mayor Floyd, and Kristina's abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer. Molly is close to Kristina and her cousins, Michael and Morgan Corinthos. The four are often conspiring together, trying to help the others stay out of trouble. Molly is shown to be precocious and a hopeless romantic, trying to set up Alexis and Mac Scorpio, and setting up romantic dates for Sam and Jason Morgan. Molly is on the ski trip bus when it crashes, but survives with minor injuries. However, she experiences sudden mood swings and rage afterwards. Molly suspects she has bipolar disorder, like Sonny, but later discovers she's suffering from PTSD. She decides to get help by going to therapy.


Molly is now in high school, and starts tutoring T.J. Ashford, who recently arrived in town. To help Molly make friends, T.J. throws an unsupervised party at Molly's house. Unfortunately, Molly ends up passing out after accidentally consuming a spiked drink, and Michael ends up saving her. Furious, Alexis forbids Molly from seeing T.J., but Molly defies her, and starts dating T.J. behind Alexis' back. They're caught, but Alexis reluctantly lets them date if they agree to follow the rules.

Molly is thrilled to become an aunt when Sam and Jason have a son named Danny Morgan. While babysitting Danny, she ends up meeting Rafe Kovich, Jr., a homeless teenager. He gets arrested when his mother, Alison Barrington, is murdered. When he escapes police custody, Molly agrees to hide him out in her room. Rafe is discovered, though, and turns himself in so Molly won't get in trouble. When Sam and Danny go missing, Molly helps Rafe and John McBain escape police lock-up to rescue them. She is arrested, but Alexis manages to get her released. Rafe is also proven innocent, and starts to develop a crush on Molly. Molly only sees him as a friend, and keeps dating T.J. When Taylor DuBois starts pursuing T.J., Molly is conflicted between T.J. and Rafe. She attends prom with Rafe, but afterwards, she decides to be with T.J., and the two reunite. Molly writes a book, Love in Maine, that is stolen by Connie Falconeri and published under her own name. Molly tries to sue Connie, though she has no proof. Connie eventually reveals Molly as the writer, giving Molly credit as the author. When Rafe purposely tries to sabotage Molly and T.J.'s relationship, Molly pushed him away.


Ric comes back to town, and Molly starts building a relationship with him. However, their reunion was cut short when Ric was arrested for mob-related activities. Though Molly believed Ric was framed, Ric was killed while in police custody. Molly was heartbroken over losing her father. She believed Ric had been framed by Julian Jerome, Alexis' new boyfriend and a mobster, to make it look like Ric was Julian's boss. She became distant from both Alexis and Julian, as a result. Ric was revealed to be alive, as the police figured out that Ric had been framed and faked his death to catch the real culprit. Molly was reunited with her father, and tried to be more accepting of Julian and Alexis' relationship.

Molly got into an accident with Rafe when she found he was using drugs, and tried to stop him from driving high. While they were in the car, Rafe admitted to causing the accident that ran Patrick Drake's family off the road, killing Patrick's son, Gabriel. Rafe told Molly someone told him to cause the accident, but before she could find out who, they crashed. Molly survived, but Rafe dies after being taken off life support. Molly mourned Rafe's death, but passed on Rafe's last words so that the police could find out who hired him.


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