Monastery of Santo Domingo el Real, Toledo

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Monastery of Santo Domingo el Real

The monastery of Santo Domingo Real, located in the city of Toledo, in Castile-La Mancha, Spain, is a monastery of nuns founded in 1364 by the noblewoman Inés García de Meneses, daughter of García Suárez de Meneses and María Fernández Barroso, after being widowed by Sancho de Velasco.[1]


It has been an enclosed monastery since its beginnings and the first in the city founded by the Dominican nuns. In it María de Castilla professed, King Peter of Castile and Teresa of Ayala's daughter. Teresa the king Peter's lover, was daughter of Diego Gómez de Toledo and his wife Inés de Ayala, chancellor Pero López de Ayala's sister.

The monastery preserves in its archives numerous documents including letters of the king Peter's descendants since it became a "place of memory" for the king.

It was declared bien de interés cultural the June 15, 1934.



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