Monstercat 001 – Launch Week

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Monstercat 001 – Launch Week
Album cover art by Petirep[1]
Cover art by Petirep[1]
Compilation album by Monstercat
Released 7 July 2011 (2011-07-07)
Length 31:40
Label Monstercat
Producer Various artists
Monstercat chronology
Monstercat 001 – Launch Week
Monstercat 002 – Early Stage
Alternate Cover

Monstercat 001 – Launch Week is the debut[2] compilation album by independent Canadian record label, Monstercat.[3] The album was first released on 7 July 2011 for digital download through their Bandcamp.[2] Since its initial release in 2011 Launch Week's tracks have been played collectively over 279,819 times, on SoundCloud alone.[4] The album consists of seven songs from various artists. The album is available for digital download via purchase on Bandcamp[2] and iTunes.[5]

Track listing[edit]

Monstercat 001 – Launch Week[5]

1."Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones (Original Mix)"ArionElectro4:20
2."The Force"Halo NovaDubstep3:26
3."Atlas"FeintDrum & Bass4:48
4."Hello?"Going QuantumDubstep6:01
5."Dubstep Killed Rock 'n' Roll"EphixaDubstep4:20
6."Still Walking"Stephen WalkingDubstep3:21
7."Captivating"NeilioHard Dance5:24
  • Matduke's song "Trainer Battle" was also on this album unofficially, but it was only released on YouTube.[6]


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