Monstercat 002 – Early Stage

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Monstercat 002 – Early Stage
Monstercat's Early Stage album art work by Petirep[1]
Cover art by Petirep[1]
Compilation album by Monstercat
Released 28 September 2011 (2011-09-28)
Length 1:11:18
Label Monstercat
Producer Various artists
Monstercat chronology
Monstercat 001 – Launch Week
Monstercat 002 – Early Stage
Monstercat 003 – Momentum
Alternate Cover

Monstercat 002 – Early Stage is the second compilation album by independent Canadian record label, Monstercat.[2] The album was first released on 28 September 2011[3] for digital download through their Bandcamp.[4] The album consists of fifteen songs by various artists. Since Early Stage's initial release during 2011, the tracks have been played over 398,000 times on SoundCloud alone.[5] The album is available for digital download via purchase on Bandcamp[4] and iTunes.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Monstercat 002 – Early Stage[6]

1."Some Wobbles"EphixaDubstep5:15
2."Blow ExXplode"ArionElectro4:48
3."Dreaming" (featuring Matthew Sartori)Project 46 & 15gramsHouse5:20
4."Lost"TwoThirdsDrum & Bass6:54
5."Another World"ObsidiaDubstep3:52
6."We Move"FeintDrum & Bass3:51
8."Totally Radical"Halo NovaDubstep3:46
9."Metropolis"Stephen WalkingDubstep4:29
11."Obsession"NeilioHard Dance6:04
12."Rock the House"MatdukeHard Dance3:55
13."Light Pollution"Stephen WalkingDubstep3:01
14."Triceracops"Halo NovaDubstep4:41
15."The BASSEX"ArionDubstep3:33


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