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View of Montreal Road from Cummings Bridge (2008).

Montreal Road (Ottawa Road #34) is a major east-west Ottawa road that links Lowertown to Vanier, and eastern neighbourhoods of Ottawa. Until downloading in 1998, it was part of the provincially managed Highway 17B.

At its western end, Montreal Road begins at the Cummings Bridge, which spans the Rideau River and is an extension of Rideau Street, it becomes Vanier's main road as it passes through the commercial heart of the community.

East of St. Laurent Boulevard, it becomes a four-lane principal road which divides several neighbourhoods such as Beacon Hill.

At Regional Road 174, Montreal Road continues as St. Joseph Boulevard which runs through the older portions of Orléans Village until Trim Road. It continues east of Trim Road under the name Old Montreal Road; this road, which was known as Queen Street prior to amalgamation in 2001, goes through the old Cumberland Village and ends at Regional Road 174 just past Becketts Creek.

Points of interest along this road are (from west to east):

There are bus lanes between North River Road and St. Laurent Boulevard to speed transit service during rush hours. Future plans by the city could include an LRT corridor on this stretch all the way to Blair Road.


Montreal Road goes through the following neighbourhoods:

St. Joseph Boulevard goes through the following neighbourhoods (all part of Orléans):

  • Convent Glen
  • Queenswood
  • Fallingbrook

Major intersections[edit]

On Montreal Road:

On St. Joseph Boulevard:

Route map:

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