Monument to the March Dead

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Monument to the March Dead
Denkmal für die Märzgefallenen
Monument to the March dead.jpg
DesignerWalter Gropius
Dedicated toWorkers killed in the Kapp Putsch
Dismantled date1936

Monument to the March Dead (German: Denkmal für die Märzgefallenen) is an expressionist monument in the Weimar Central Cemetery in Weimar, Germany memorializing workers killed in the Kapp Putsch. Walter Gropius' 1920 design for the memorial was selected from those submitted in a competition organized by the Union Cartel.[1]

The monument was built between 1920 and 1922.[2] An unveiling ceremony for the memorial was held on May 1, 1922.[1]

Motivated by political disagreement and the concept of degenerate art, the Nazis destroyed the monument in February 1936.[2]

The monument was reconstructed in 1946.[1]

Opening ceremony of the monument


The form of the monument alludes to a thunderbolt; the structure is constructed of concrete.[3]

The monument depicted on a 1980 stamp from East Germany


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