Moons Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc

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Moons Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc
Parakeets In Barcelona (1-30am-Friday) front cover.JPG
Studio album by Coil
Released 2003 July
Recorded December 21, 2001
Genre Experimental
Length 40:24
Label Threshold House
Producer Coil

Moons Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc is a semi-official name for an edition of Coil CD-Rs released in conjunction with Moon's Milk (In Four Phases). Each CD sleeve was hand painted and given its own unique title. Most of the sleeves were numbered, followed by the title, then "2001 ev.", "Winter Solstice - December 21, 2001 ev.", or something similar. Most of the titles have quotations around them. This official CD-R was originally available with a 'special edition' order of Moon's Milk (In Four Phases) which cost $85 more than the two cd set. Additional copies were made available later separately. The later ones were said to be the unnumbered ones that Jhonn Balance kept because he favored them. However, most of the later ones did not include a signed polaroid as the initial set did. The numbered edition is believed to be between 1 and three hundred, with repeating numbers. An approximate 33 of the 'Bonus Discs' comprise the unnumbered edition.

The song "The Coppice Meat" later appeared on a CD compilation titled X-Rated: The Dark Files.

This CD was going to be re-released on Moon's Milk In Six Phases.

Personalized titles are as follows [1], with as accurate punctuation as possible:

7 Urban Legends Discussed Over Higuids
13 The Sound Of The Waves Lulled Him Into A Deep Blue Revery
13 Witches Dance In Colours Through My Dreams
15 Never Sits Down Nor Sleeps At Night
16 A Procession of possessed infants and Mothers
17 Red Bells and Black Birds
19 Care Should Be Taken Not To Give A Second Dose
20 A Nose Bleed in Stamton Drew
27 All colours of the disease were beautiful!
31 Sleepiness And The Dazed State Combined (In The Dream Of The Flightless Turkey Bird)
31 What Shall We Do – – A - In -
33 We Marvelled At The Moss Under The Pier
35 the Foremost pursuit
39 As I Lay There, It just Blow Away
45 Celestiographical geology
48 My Demon Brother
53 Dreams Before Bedtime
54 When Everything Seems To Go Round
56 2 Telephone Calls
57 Moons Suns Planets Scorpions (Earthware)
58 The Glitter Dance of the Murmaid (sic)
59 Chinese Mountain Range
60 Bright Lights and Cats with No Mouths
61 Fantastic And Ants - Naturalistic
61 Marakesh Mouthfulls
64 Jealousy
65 Careful What You Wish For (Black Sun Over Vesuvius)
66 The Owl Service
67 Is Nichola Bowery Pregnant Again?
70 The Ghost Of A Carrier Pigeon
72 Astrid Bauer Rides Out
75 The King Is Dead
80 It Just Is...
82 Ploughed Fields Of Benzedrine
82 The Emperors Old Clothes
83 My Bloodstream
85 Hallucination Mass, Hallucination
86 Standing Stone, Whirling Dervish
93 Car Crash On Ilkley Moor
94 You Can't Let Go
106 Molly Parkins Undercarraige (sic) Don't Tell Me (The Keen Observer)
107 The Ghost of You (Mother)
131 A Fast Dream of Dead Friends
134 Manoeuvering To Extract The Unique Mineral
135 Spirits Of The Whispering Forests Or A Place To Bury Strangers
136 It's In The Trees, It's Coming
143 Offshot And Register And Still
147 The Desert Sea (Turkey)
148 Red Speed Rabbit (Lapin Agile)
151 Falling Spirits (Descent From Hell)
156 Scooby-Doo Skinned & Nailed To An Oak Tree
198 The Bells impose the Regime

A Time Lapse Photograph
An Ideal Christmas Gift (Overdone)
An Un-Earthy Disaster
Birthday And - Me –
By Tropical Waters Amazon Vision Photograph
Coach-Crash near the Summit of Mount Etna
Decommissioned Forestry
dense Might of The Piercing Atoms of Air
Festival in Peril
Forever Love Universal/The Soul Is On The MercySeat/Psychopomp Is In Parrot Splendour and Aweful Glory
Green Grows The Rushes oh! (In Peter Warlocks Garden)
Klimpt - (Land of the Secessionist Opulence and Decoration)
My Mother Was an Enigma Machinist
Off The Coast Of Northern California, Kelp-Storms
Parakeets In Barcelona (1-30am-Friday)
Ploughed fields of Benzedrine
Preparing Their Soul
terror makes one vomit out my guts
The Dreadful Moment Arrives (on Horseback)
The Enemies Sideways Glance
Who would dare to blame Judy (Judy Blame)

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Copal" – 16:54
  2. "The Coppice Meat" – 10:49
  3. "Ü Pel (Incense Offering)" – 12:40