Morfil Island

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Morfil Island
Ile à Morfil
Morfil Island is located in Senegal
Morfil Island
Morfil Island
Location Senegal River, Doué River
Coordinates 16°35′01″N 14°35′02″W / 16.5835609°N 14.5838357°W / 16.5835609; -14.5838357

Coordinates: 16°35′01″N 14°35′02″W / 16.5835609°N 14.5838357°W / 16.5835609; -14.5838357 Morfil Island (French: Ile à Morfil; lit. "Ivory Island") is an island lying between the River Senegal and the Doué River in northern Senegal. Morfil is an antiquated French term for raw ivory. It is separate from the mainland for almost 150 km.[1]

Around the 11th century, Morfil was the centre of Tekrur, one of the first Islamic Sub-Saharan states. As such, it was an important centre of trans-Saharan trade. The island later became part of the Ghana Empire, then the Mali Empire, and was finally conquered by the French. The French named the island for the elephants which once roamed the island, but are now locally extinct.[2] The French colonists would use the island for elephant hunting.[1] The main towns on the island are Podor and Salde.


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