Motherland Party (Azerbaijan)

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Motherland Party
Ana Vətən Partiyası
Leader Fəzail Ağamalı
Founded 1990
Headquarters Baku
Ideology National conservatism
Political position Right-wing
1 / 125
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The Motherland Party (Azerbaijani: Ana Vətən Partiyası, AVP) is an Azerbaijani political party established in 1990.[1] Its membership consists primarily of Azerbaijanis who originate in Armenia but who live in the country as a result of the Karabakh War. The party's leader Fazail Agamali is a former deputy minister for social protection. The party's goal is to create a free, powerful, democratic and whole Azerbaijan.[2]

At the 2010 parliamentary elections, it won 2 out of 125 seats.[3]


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