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Mount Imlay National Park

Mount Imlay is a national park in New South Wales, 387 km south of Sydney, named after the Imlay brothers, who were early pioneers to the district. It is accessed from the Princes Highway, south of New South Wales; the vegetation is eucalyptus forest. The Imlay Mallee and Imlay Boronia are rare plants growing near the mountain's summit. However, there is a two hectare rainforest remnant surviving in a fire free gully, it consists of Black Olive Berry trees. The park contains large populations of superb lyrebirds. Most of Mt Imlay National Park was formed during the Ordovician Period, 500 to 435 Million years ago, from sedimentary and metamorphosed rocks of the Mallacoota Beds, part of the Southern Highlands Fold Belt, including greywacke and shale; the summit of Mt Imlay and the upper slopes are younger, with Devonian rocks of the Merimbula Group, lying above the Ordovician sediments. The Merimbula Group includes sandstone, quartzite and shale. Quaternary sediments form narrow river flats along the Towamba River on the northern edge of the park.

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Ys Origin

Ys Origin is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Nihon Falcom for Microsoft Windows in 2006. In 2012, Xseed Games published an English-language localization of the game, via the Steam service and through other download stores. Ys Origin is a prequel to the eight previous installations of the Ys video game series, it takes place 700 years before the events of Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished, tells much of the backstory of Ys, Darm Tower, the Black Pearl, the twin goddesses, the six priests. The game has three playable characters: Yunica Tovah, Hugo Fact, "The Claw". By completing the game with each of the characters, the player sees more dimensions to the story; each player character has combat style and skillset. Ys Origin is the first game in the Ys series; the game differs in some respect as being a straightforward dungeon crawl, taking place within the massive Darm Tower. The game was released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017, for the Xbox One the following year.

Ys Origin features three characters with various fighting styles. Yunica is able to wield greatswords with ease. In addition to standard hack-and-slash combos, Yunica is able to perform various aerial maneuvers such as the down-thrust and up-thrust from previous Ys games, as well as a crippling lunge attack. Hugo Fact can fire energy from his wand and his "Eyes of Fact" alike, he can fill the screen with destructive power, mowing down all enemies in his path before they have a chance to get anywhere near him. With good timing, he can pull off a crippling "power shot," generating a debilitating pillar of pure magic with a wider area of effect. "The Claw" is a short range/high damage character geared towards the more experienced players. All playable characters have a "Boost Meter" that fills as the game progresses. Once this meter has reached capacity, that character can be temporarily "Boosted" for quicker and stronger attacks and far greater defense. Once certain conditions have been reached during gameplay, boosted characters can utilize a special move called "Burst" that depletes their Boost meter in favor of an ultra-powerful wide-ranging release of destructive energy.

There once was a wildly prosperous land named Ys, ruled by the twin Goddesses Reah and Feena and their six priestly retainers. It was a veritable paradise, with all its residents able to enact miracles at will through the use of magic – a power granted them by a holy artifact known as the Black Pearl. One day, without warning, enormous demons marched upon the land, bringing death and devastation in their wake, their numbers and their might were too much for the knights and sorcerers of Ys to handle, so the people sought shelter within their holiest of temples at the top of the tallest mountain. In a desperate attempt to keep these people safe, the twin Goddesses used the power of the Black Pearl to tear this temple from the ground and raise it into the heavens, away from the ever-growing threat below; the demons were determined, however. They erected an enormous tower from which further attacks were launched, bringing the battle into the skies. An all-out war had begun, with forces concentrated in Solomon Shrine above and the Devil's Tower below.

And it was amidst this chaos. No one was told of their departure – not the Six Priests who served them, it seemed clear that they'd gone back to the surface, but no one knew why. Only one thing was certain: Without the Goddesses, Ys could not survive. Intent on finding their missing deities, the Six Priests organized a search party of the most elite knights and sorcerers in the land; these soldiers were given a single mission: Secure the safety of Ladies Reah and Feena, bring them back to Solomon Shrine alive and well. But in the desolate, ruined remains of Ys, there's only one place they could have gone...the Devil's Tower itself. Yunica Tovah: Yunica is the granddaughter of Priest Tovah, one of the six priests of Ys, she begins the game armed with a battle axe, but acquires a fire sword. The axe allows for rapid attack sequences. Although unable to cast any kind of magic by herself, she can use wind or thunder magic with her axe when she has the required magical artifacts that contain the spells to be cast, fire magic with her sword when she finds it.

Yunica's gameplay is comparable to Adol's in The Ark of Napishtim. Hugo Fact: The magician Hugo attacks by emitting magic missiles from his staff and from his two small satellites, the Eyes of Fact; the Claw: "The Claw" is a character surrounded in mystery. Adol Christin: The expansion disk and editions of the game add Adol to the roster of player characters in the Time Attack and Arena Mode bonus games; the player can choose to play Adol as he appeared either in The Ark of Napishtim or in The Oath in Felghana. Each variation plays as it did in the original game, but with control mechanics adjusted for parity with the other three characters. Ys Origin was released on December 21, 2006 for Windows XP. An expansion disc was made available to owners of the first edition; the expansion disc added two new difficulty levels, an arena mode, alternate versions of the three main characters with upgraded skills, the ability to play as Adol Christin, a few additional secrets. The retail version has been re-released three times in order to support new Windo

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Matthew Thomas Fitzpatrick is an English professional golfer. His biggest achievement as an amateur was winning the 2013 U. S. Amateur, his first professional win was in the 2015 British Masters. Fitzpatrick was born in Sheffield and attended Tapton School where he sat A-levels in 2013, his younger brother Alex is an amateur golfer attending Wake Forest University. He has been selected for the 2019 Walker Cup. Fitzpatrick won the 2012 Boys Amateur Championship at Notts Golf Club, he finished as low amateur, winning The Silver Medal. Fitzpatrick and Jimmy Mullen were the only amateurs to make the cut, with Fitzpatrick finishing on 294 to Mullen's 299. In 2013, Fitzpatrick won the U. S. Amateur, which earned him invitations to the 2014 Masters Tournament, U. S. Open, Open Championship provided he remained an amateur; the U. S. Amateur win took him to the top of the World Amateur Golf Ranking which earned him the Mark H. McCormack Medal. In September 2013 he played in the Walker Cup. In September 2013 Fitzpatrick enrolled at the Northwestern University to play college golf with the Northwestern Wildcats.

Fitzpatrick turned professional after the 2014 U. S. Open, forfeiting his exemption to the 2014 Open Championship, his professional debut was at the 2014 Irish Open, after which he played several competitions on the European Tour and Challenge Tour on sponsor and tournament invitations. In November 2014, he entered the 2014 European Tour Qualifying School where he finished in 11th place and qualified for the 2015 European Tour. Fitzpatrick started the 2015 season missing six cuts in the first eight competitions on the season, his maiden victory came in October 2015, when he won the British Masters at Woburn, winning the first prize of £500,000. After this result, he entered the world top 100 for the first time with a ranking of 59, he finished his rookie season on tour with one win, nine top-10 placements, a 12th place in the final Order of Merit. In April 2016, Fitzpatrick competed at the 2016 Masters Tournament, finishing tied for the 7th place. Thanks to his results on the 2015 and 2016 seasons of the European Tour he obtained an automatic selection for the 2016 Ryder Cup.

In November 2016, Fitzpatrick won the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai by one shot over Tyrrell Hatton. This was the biggest win of his career. In September 2017, Fitzpatrick won the Omega European Masters in Crans-Montana, Switzerland via a playoff victory over Scott Hend. In September 2018, Fitzpatrick defended his Omega European Masters title in a playoff over Lucas Bjerregaard. 2012 Boys Amateur Championship 2013 U. S. Amateur 1Co-sanctioned with the Asian Tour European Tour playoff record LA = Low amateur CUT = missed the half-way cut "T" = tied Most consecutive cuts made – 4 Longest streak of top-10s – 1 QF, R16, R32, R64 = Round in which player lost in match play "T" = Tied Amateur Walker Cup: 2013Professional EurAsia Cup: 2016, 2018 Ryder Cup: 2016 2014 European Tour Qualifying School graduates Matthew Fitzpatrick at the European Tour official site Matthew Fitzpatrick at the PGA Tour official site Matthew Fitzpatrick at the Official World Golf Ranking official site Northwestern Wildcats profile


Ambanja is a city and commune in northern Madagascar. According to 2001 census the population of Ambanja was 28,468. Ambanja is located on the northern berth of the Sambirano River and is crossed by the Route Nationale 6, it is located at a road distance of 1 200 km north of Antananarivo and 237 km south-west of Antsiranana. The town belongs to the district of Ambanja, a part of Diana Region, it is served by the local Ampampamena Airport and small, maritime harbour at Ankify, the gate to the islands of Nosy Be and Nosy Komba In addition to primary schooling the town offers secondary education at both junior and senior levels. The town has hospital. There is a technical & professional Lycee in Ambanja, a school of agriculture; the French international school is École Primaire Française d'Ambanja a.k.a. École primaire française Charles-Baudelaire. The town is seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ambanja; the majority 60% of the population are farmers, while an additional 2% receives their livelihood from raising livestock.

The most important crop is cocoa, while other important products are coffee and vanilla. Industry and services provide employment for 2 % of the population, respectively. Additionally fishing employs 10% of the population. Manongarivo Reserve is situated at 35 km from Ambanja. Mahamanina Falls - at 14 km Monographie de la Région Diana

Women's Flying Training Detachment

The Women's Flying Training Detachment was a group of women pilots during World War II. Their main job was to take over male pilot's jobs, such as ferrying planes from factories to United States Army Air Force installations, in order to free male pilots to fight overseas, they merged with the Women Airforce Ferrying Squadron to form the Women Airforce Service Pilots. While on a trip to England, Jacqueline Cochran observed that an organization had been founded for English women pilots to do jobs for male pilots, such as plane ferrying. Being quite interested, she contacted General Henry H. Arnold suggesting that a similar organization be founded in the United States, he approved on September 15, 1942, the Women's Flying Training Detachment was born. Around the same time, some other women pilots, such as Nancy Harkness Love, were founding similar organizations in which female pilots replaced male pilots in order that the men could be moved to more important duties; the training in Houston, TX, lasted 23 weeks and included 115 hours of flying time.

However, not long after, the program moved to Sweetwater, TX and the training increased to 210 hours flying time and became 30 weeks long. To be accepted, trainees were required to be between 21 and 35 years of age, had to have at least 200 hours flying time before entering; this dropped to 18 years of age minimum and at least 35 hrs. flying experience. The training consisted of cross-country flying with no gunnery; because they were not considered a real part of the army and other women pilot organizations were not guaranteed all the rights of veterans. If a woman pilot was killed while on duty, her family would pay for her body to be shipped home, they couldn't hang a golden star in their window to show the sacrifice they had made. Any women pilots who died in training didn't have the right to have an American Flag draped over their coffin. Women Airforce Service Pilots Women in aviation Timeline of women in aviation Jacqueline Cochran Nancy Harkness Love

Jack Myers (American football)

John Melvin "Moose" Myers is a former American football player and college athletics administrator. He played college football at the University of California, Los Angeles and professionally in National Football League with the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams. Myers served as the head football coach at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California from 1953 to 1960, compiling a record of 39–33–5, he was the athletic director at Pacific from 1956 to 1961. Myers attended high school in Ventura and served in the United States Navy as an ensign during World War II. Myers first came to Pacific in 1951 for one season as the backfield coach for the Tigers before returning to the NFL as a player in 1952