Mount Odin (British Columbia)

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Mount Odin
Monashee Mtns - Mt Odin(2972)-Thor (2948) Group in the Monashee Mtns. Group in the Monashee Mtns. (15809162598).jpg
Highest point
Elevation2,970 m (9,740 ft) [1]
Prominence2,408 m (7,900 ft) [1]
Coordinates50°33′06″N 118°07′45″W / 50.55167°N 118.12917°W / 50.55167; -118.12917Coordinates: 50°33′06″N 118°07′45″W / 50.55167°N 118.12917°W / 50.55167; -118.12917[2]
Parent rangeGold Range[1]
Topo mapNTS 082L/09

Mount Odin is a mountain in British Columbia, Canada. The mountain was likely named by George Dawson as his map contains the earliest known appearance of the name.[2]

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