Mount Paget

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Mount Paget
Mount Paget.jpeg
Mount Paget
Highest point
Elevation 2,935 m (9,629 ft) [1]
Prominence 2,935 m (9,629 ft) 
Ranked 101st
Isolation 2,267 kilometres (1,409 mi)
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 54°26′S 36°33′W / 54.433°S 36.550°W / -54.433; -36.550Coordinates: 54°26′S 36°33′W / 54.433°S 36.550°W / -54.433; -36.550
Location of Mt. Paget
Location South Georgia
Parent range Allardyce Range
First ascent Combined Services Expedition (British military) led by Commander Malcolm Burley, 30 December 1964
Easiest route snow/ice climb

Mount Paget is a summit of Allardyce Range on the South Atlantic/Antarctic island of South Georgia. It is the highest peak on the island, and also the highest peak in any territory under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, 2 times the size of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain on the island of Great Britain, (except the disputed British Antarctic Territory, that has no permanent population and unrecognized by most countries, where Mount Hope is now officially recognised as being the highest peak).

It is a saddle-shaped mountain, marking the highest point of the Allardyce Range in the central part of South Georgia. This feature was known to early sealers and whalers at South Georgia, and the name has long been established through general usage.[1] It is clearly visible from Grytviken and King Edward Point.


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