Mount Remarkable

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Mount Remarkable
The slopes of Mount Remarkable
Highest point
Elevation 961 m (3,153 ft)
Coordinates 32°48′22″S 138°09′53″E / 32.80611°S 138.16472°E / -32.80611; 138.16472Coordinates: 32°48′22″S 138°09′53″E / 32.80611°S 138.16472°E / -32.80611; 138.16472
Mount Remarkable is located in South Australia
Mount Remarkable
Mount Remarkable
Location of Mount Remarkable in South Australia
Location South Australia, Australia
Parent range Flinders Ranges
Easiest route Hike

Mount Remarkable is a mountain in South Australia located in the Flinders Ranges about 250 kilometres (160 mi) north of the centre of the capital city of Adelaide and immediately north-west of the town of Melrose which is located at its base.[1]

The mountain has a height of 961 metres (3,153 ft).[2] It and the adjoining range is described as having “high strike ridges on quartzite” with “lower rounded ridges on shale” and as having a “cover of forest, parkland and some woodland”.[3] Since 1972, it has been located within the boundaries of the protected area known as the Mount Remarkable National Park.[1] The mountain’s summit can be reached via a walking trail known as the Mount Remarkable Summit Hike which starts in the town of Melrose and which is graded by the national park’s managing authority as being a “moderate hike’ of a distance of 12.2 km (7.6 mi) and that has a “round” time of five hours.[4]

The mountain is reported as being discovered by Colonial Europeans and named by Edward John Eyre either in 1839 or on 27 June 1840.[2] Eyre is quoted as saying "from the lofty way it towered above the surrounding hills I named it Mount Remarkable."[5]

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