Mount Ulysses

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Mount Ulysses
Highest point
Elevation3,024 m (9,921 ft) [1]
Prominence2,289 m (7,510 ft) [1][2]
Coordinates57°20′47″N 124°05′34″W / 57.34639°N 124.09278°W / 57.34639; -124.09278Coordinates: 57°20′47″N 124°05′34″W / 57.34639°N 124.09278°W / 57.34639; -124.09278[1]
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeMuskwa Ranges
Topo mapNTS 94F/08

Mount Ulysses, is the highest mountain in the Muskwa Ranges of the Northern Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. It and neighbouring peaks are part of a group of names drawing on the epic poem The Odyssey, in which here Ulysses wanders for 10 years before being able to return home to Ithaca.[3]

Located north of the headwaters of the Akie River and to the south of Sikanni Chief Lake,[3] its very high prominence of 2,289 m (7,510 ft) is relative to Grand Pacific Pass, with its parent peak being an unnamed summit in the Fairweather Range, near Mount Fairweather.[1]

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