Mountain Skies Observatory

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Mountain Skies Observatory
Organizationprivately owned
LocationLyman, Wyoming
Coordinates41°19′40.8″N 110°17′31.2″W / 41.328000°N 110.292000°W / 41.328000; -110.292000Coordinates: 41°19′40.8″N 110°17′31.2″W / 41.328000°N 110.292000°W / 41.328000; -110.292000
Altitude6,900 ft (2,103 m)
unnamedClassical Cassegrain Telescope 20-inch f/11.5
Mountain Skies Observatory is located in the United States
Mountain Skies Observatory
Location of Mountain Skies Observatory

Mountain Skies Observatory is a privately owned astronomical observatory located in Lyman, Wyoming, USA. It is one of the largest observatories in the region and is used frequently by the Bridger Valley Astronomical Society.

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