Mountsfield Park

Mountsfield Park is a public park in Catford, near to Hither Green within the London Borough of Lewisham. The nearest railway stations are Hither Green and Catford Bridge; the core area of the park was part of Mountsfield, a substantial house and grounds, built in 1845 for the noted microlepidopterist and entomologist Henry Tibbats Stainton by his father as a wedding gift. The house and some 2.5 hectares of parkland lying to the south of it were bequeathed for a park by his widow in 1903, with the park opening to the public in August 1905. Over time, the park was enlarged, with land bought from the School Board for London and further allotment land acquired. An area used for a short time as a football ground by Charlton Athletic FC was added to the park in 1923/4. A bombed row of houses in George Lane was added after World War II and a further tranche of land used as playing fields by Catford Boys School in Brownhill Road was added in 1994; the house itself, which stood in the north-east corner of the park, was demolished in 1905, but stables and outbuildings were retained and used as park keepers’ buildings until a fire destroyed them in 1969.

A former museum for Stainton’s entomology collections was a tearoom until its demolition in 1981. Today, the park extends to 13 hectares and there are entrances on Stainton Road, Brownhill Road, George Lane and Carswell Road; the biggest gates to the Park are on Carswell Road. Facilities include tennis courts, ball court and children's play area; because of its size and parking, it is used for large events, including Lewisham Borough Council’s People’s Day event in July attracting crowds of over 30,000. The park includes a bandstand, community garden, meadow grassland, Edwardian rose garden, while areas of high ground offer views west over Catford and towards Crystal Palace, it has a park keeper on Saturdays and Mondays. Lewisham Council Mountsfield Park page Friends of Mountsfield Park Mountsfield Park archaeological impact assessment by the London Museum, detailing park history and topography

1965 Race of Champions

The 1st Race of Champions was a non-Championship motor race, run to Formula One rules, held on 13 March 1965 at Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, England. The race was run over two heats of 40 laps of the circuit, was won overall by Mike Spence in a Lotus 33; the first heat was won by Jim Clark, with Dan Gurney second, Spence in third place. However, both Clark and Gurney retired from the second heat, which Spence won from Jo Bonnier and Frank Gardner. Jackie Stewart finished seventh in fourth in the second, to take second overall. Bloor and Rhodes were reserves for the first heat and did not take part. All three started the second heat after the disqualifications of Scarfiotti and Schlesser, Gregory's mechanical problems prevented him from continuing. John Thompson, The Formula One Record Book, 1974

Carolyn Baylies

Carolyn Louise Baylies, was an American academic and activist. She was active in the fields of health and sociology of the third world and international development, on the gendered aspects of development. Baylies was notable for her work on the ways in which the AIDS epidemic threatened existing social structures and food security, a connection which she was one of the first to make. Baylies grew up in California. After completing her undergraduate degree in sociology at Berkeley in 1969, she completed a doctorate on Zambian class relations at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, awarded in 1978. Following this she took a teaching post at the University of Zambia, during which time she undertook research on the trade union movement and labour policies. In 1980 Baylies joined the School of Economic Studies at the University of Leeds as a research fellow studying the history of the Yorkshire Miners Association, a subject on which she published a book in 1993 entitled'History of the Yorkshire Miners, 1881-1918'.

Her academic pursuits were valued by the University of Leeds, in 1983 she became a lecturer, in 1993, a senior lecturer, in 2003, Reader in the sociology of developing countries. Her work at the university included her involvement in the founding of the Centre for Development Studies of which she served as a director for two terms. Baylies helped to shape the University of Leeds' interdisciplinary Master of Arts course in Development Studies, expanding the capacity for postgraduate research in the field. Baylies was involved in the Review of African Political Economy, which she helped to found, she served as a member of ROAPE's editorial working group for over 20 years. Baylies was married to fellow University of Leeds academic, Dr. Morris Szeftel with whom she coauthored the book'The Dynamics of the One-Party State in Zambia', published in 1984. Baylies and Szeftel had two children. Baylies died from cancer on 1 November 2003. Carolyn Baylies' published work includes:Books Baylies, C. Gertzel, C. and Szeftel.

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