Mpungu Constituency

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Location of Mpungu constituency (yellow) in the former Kavango Region (dark grey)

Mpungu is a constituency in the Kavango West region of Namibia. Its population is 18,332. Nkurenkuru, the capital of Kavango West, is situated in this constituency; the Mpungu settlement is also located here.

This constituency had 8924 registered voters as of 2004.[1]


As in all Kavango West constituencies, SWAPO won the 2015 regional election by a landslide. Titus Kandjimi Shiudifonya received 4,354 votes, followed by Elia Hambjuka of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP, 163 votes) and Festus Shimuhefereni Hamukwaya of the All People's Party (APP, 78 votes).[2]


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Coordinates: 17°40′S 18°14′E / 17.667°S 18.233°E / -17.667; 18.233