Mudzaffar Shah I of Kedah

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Mudzaffar Shah I
Sultan of Kedah
Reign 1136–1179
Successor Mu'adzam Shah I
Born 944
Died 1179
House Kedah
Religion Sunni Islam

Sultan Mudzaffar Shah I, or Phra Ong Mahawangsa (died 1179) (223) was the first Sultan of Kedah. His reign was from 1136 to 1179, he was the last Hindu king of Kedah. After his conversion to Islam, he later became the founder of the Kedah Sultanate, which still exists to this day.

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Mudzaffar Shah I of Kedah
House of Kedah
 Died: 1179
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Position created
Sultan of Kedah
Succeeded by
Mu'adzam Shah