Mullu Q'awa

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Mullu Q'awa
Location Peru, Cusco Region, Espinar Province
Region Andes
Coordinates 14°47′08″S 71°17′42″W / 14.78556°S 71.29500°W / -14.78556; -71.29500Coordinates: 14°47′08″S 71°17′42″W / 14.78556°S 71.29500°W / -14.78556; -71.29500
Area 12 ha
Height 4,000 m (13,000 ft)[1]
Periods pre-Inca

Mullu Q'awa (Aymara mullu colored stone like a coral with which they make necklaces, q'awa little river, ditch, crevice, fissure, gap in the earth,[2][3] hispanicized spellings Molloqhawa, Muyuqhawa) is an archaeological site in Peru on a mountain of that name. It is located in the Cusco Region, Espinar Province, Alto Pichigua District. It lies near the village of Mullu Q'awa (Molloccahua, Molloqhawa).[4] It is situated on top of the mountain at a height of about 4,000 m (13,000 ft).

The site was declared a National Cultural Heritage (Patrimonio Cultural) by Resolution No. 954-2010- INC on April 27, 2010.[4]


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