Municipalities of Limburg (Netherlands)

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This article gives a list of current and former municipalities of the Dutch province of Limburg. Limburg has 33 municipalities.

Position of Limburg within the Netherlands.

Current municipalities[edit]

Municipality /
Coat of arms Main town Location COROP Inhabitants Area
Population centres Image
Beek Coat of arms of Beek, Limburg.png Beek LocatieBeek.png South Limburg 16,710 21.00 Timber framed houses in Spaubeek
Beesel Coat of arms of Beesel.png Reuver Map - NL - Municipality code 0889 (2009).svg Middle Limburg 13,852 29.21 Kasteel Nieuwenbroek in Beesel
Bergen Coat of arms of Bergen, Limburg.jpg Bergen Map - NL - Municipality code 0893 (2009).svg North Limburg 13,432 109.42 Church in the town of Afferden
Brunssum Coat of arms of Brunssum.jpg Brunssum Map - NL - Municipality code 0899 (2009).svg South Limburg 29,494 17.29 The Brunssumerheide
Echt-Susteren Coat of arms of Echt Susteren.svg Echt LocatieEcht-Susteren.png Middle Limburg 32,333 104.60 Landricuskerk in Echt
Eijsden-Margraten Gemeentewapen Eijsden-Margraten.jpg Margraten LocatieEijsdenMargraten.png South Limburg 24,839 78.46 Eijsden Castle
Gennep Coat of arms of Gennep.png Gennep Map - NL - Municipality code 0907 (2009).svg North Limburg 17,104 50.40 Gennep city hall
Gulpen-Wittem Gulpen-Wittem wapen.svg Gulpen Map - NL - Municipality code 0905 (2009).svg South Limburg 11,419 20.76 Timber-framed house in Elzet
Heerlen Coat of arms of Heerlen.png Heerlen LocatieHeerlen.png South Limburg 90,125 45.50 Centre of Heerlen
Horst aan de Maas Horst aan de Maas wapen.svg Horst Map - NL - Municipality code 1507 (2009).svg North Limburg 41,786 122.55 Church of St. Lambertus
Kerkrade Coat of arms of Kerkrade.png Kerkrade Map - NL - Municipality code 0928 (2009).svg South Limburg 47,421 22.17 Rolduc Abbey
Landgraaf Coat of arms of Landgraaf.png Landgraaf Map - NL - Municipality code 0882 (2009).svg South Limburg 38,600 24.69 Megaland, area of the annual Pinkpop festival
Leudal Leudal wapen.svg Heythuysen Map - NL - Municipality code 1640 (2009).svg Middle Limburg 36,787 164.86 The Friedesse mill in Neer
Maasgouw Coat of arms of Maasgouw.svg Heel & Maasbracht Map - NL - Municipality code 1641 (2009).svg Middle Limburg 24,318 45.81 Abbey in Thorn
Maastricht Maastricht wapen.svg Maastricht LocatieMaastricht.png South Limburg 117,548 60.06 View of Maastricht from St.-Janskerk
Meerssen Coat of arms of Meerssen.svg Meerssen Map - NL - Municipality code 0938 (2009).svg South Limburg 19,567 27.71 Basilica of Meerssen
Mook en Middelaar Mook Map - NL - Municipality code 0944 (2009).svg North Limburg 8,069 18.84 The town of Mook
Nederweert Nederweert wapen.svg Nederweert Map - NL - Municipality code 0946 (2009).svg North Limburg 16,619 101.79 The Weerterbos
Nuth Coat of arms of Nuth.svg Nuth Map - NL - Municipality code 0951 (2009).svg South Limburg 15,681 33.17 Church of the village Schimmert
Onderbanken Coat of arms of Onderbanken.svg Schinveld Map - NL - Municipality code 0881 (2009).svg South Limburg 8,082 21.24 Church of the village Jabeek
Peel en Maas Wapen peel en maas.png Panningen LocatiePeelEnMaas.png North Limburg 43,020 161.3 Church of the village Panningen
Roerdalen Coat of arms of Roerdalen.jpg Sint Odiliënberg Map - NL - Municipality code 1669 (2009).svg Middle Limburg 21,298 88.65 View on Sint Odiliënberg
Roermond Coat of arms of Roermond.svg Roermond Map - NL - Municipality code 0957 (2009).svg Middle Limburg 55,176 71.19 View on Roermond
Schinnen Schinnen Map - NL - Municipality code 0962 (2009).svg South Limburg 13,504 24.13 The village of Sweikhuizen
Simpelveld Coat of arms of Simpelveld.png Simpelveld Map - NL - Municipality code 0965 (2009).svg South Limburg 10,995 16.03 The church of Simpelveld
Sittard-Geleen Sittard wapen.svg Geleen LocatieSittard-Geleen.png South Limburg 96,275 80.62 Sittard Main Square
Stein Coat of arms of Stein.png Stein Map - NL - Municipality code 0971 (2009).svg South Limburg 25,660 22.78 Castle of Stein
Vaals Coat of arms of Vaals.jpg Vaals Map - NL - Municipality code 0981 (2009).svg South Limburg 9,874 23.90 Winter view over Vaals
Valkenburg aan de Geul Valkenburg ad Geul wapen.png Valkenburg Map - NL - Municipality code 0994 (2009).svg South Limburg 17,097 36.91 Valkenburg city centre
Venlo Coat of arms of Venlo.svg Venlo LocatiePeelEnMaas.png North Limburg 100,328 128.44 Venlo city hall
Venray Coat of arms of Venray.png Venray Map - NL - Municipality code 0984 (2009).svg North Limburg 42,785 146.36 Shopping street in Venray
Voerendaal Voerendaal Map - NL - Municipality code 0986 (2009).svg South Limburg 12,711 31.55 Haeren castle
Weert Coat of arms of Weert.svg Weert Map - NL - Municipality code 0988 (2009).svg North Limburg 48,405 105.44 Martinus church in Weert

Former municipalities[edit]

Coat of arms Main town Location Population centres Image
Arcen en Velden Coat of arms of Arcen en Velden.png Arcen Map - NL - Municipality code 0885 (2009).svg Merged into municipality Venlo on 1 January 2010. Municipality building of Arcen and Velden
Eijsden Coat of arms of Eijsden.png Eijsden Map - NL - Municipality code 0905 (2009).svg Merged into municipality Eijsden-Margraten on 1 January 2011. Eijsden Castle
Helden Coat of arms of Helden.png Panningen LocatieHelden.png Merged into the new municipality Peel en Maas on 1 January 2010. Church in Panningen
Kessel Coat of arms of Kessel (Limburg).png Kessel Map - NL - Municipality code 1729 (2009).svg Merged into the new municipality Peel en Maas on 1 January 2010. View on Kessel
Linne Linne wapen.svg Linne LocatieLinne.png Merged into the municipality Maasbracht, now itself part of Maasgouw, in 1991. Martinus Church in Linne
Maasbracht Maasbracht wapen.gif Maasbracht LocatieMaasbracht.png Merged into the new municipality Maasgouw on 1 January 2007. Church of Maasbracht
Margraten Coat of arms of Margraten.png Margraten Map - NL - Municipality code 0936 (2009).svg Merged into the new municipality Eijsden-Margraten on 1 January 2011. Square in Margraten