Frank Zakem

Francis "Frank" Joseph Zakem was a Canadian businessman, politician and author. He was born in Saint-Paul-du-Buton, Quebec in 1931 and moved to Prince Edward Island in 1936 with his family. Zakem received his early education at Queens Square School, Prince of Wales College and Saint Dunstan's University, earning the degrees of Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, he spent two years at the Grand Seminary of Montreal Theology and completed the Management Development Program for College Administrators at Trent University. As a young man he participated in his family business, he wrote about the experience in several books including The Corner Store Experience for which he received a heritage award from the City of Charlottetown, The Zakem Marji Story and The Basilica Recreation Center Before and After. Zakem worked as an educator in a number of Prince Edward Island institutions, including Saint Dunstan's University, Prince of Wales College, the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College, where he served in a variety of capacities, including President at Holland College for 26 years.

Zakem served as city councillor for Charlottetown City Council from 1964 to 1974 and 1995 to 1998 and served as mayor from 1975 to 1977. During his tenure as mayor he oversaw the creation of the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation and helped establish a series of guidelines for the preservation of heritage in Charlottetown. One product of these guidelines was the restoration of Victoria Row, a block of Richmond Street between Queen Street and Great George Street, as well as its development into a seasonal pedestrian mall. For six years Zakem was seconded to work in various capacities in the office of Premier Joe Ghiz. In the 1990s, Zakem consulted on the issue of municipal reform and that decade, he served as Director of the Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities, he had a long-term involvement in community organizations dealing with mental and physical health, multicultural matters and race relations, the Boy Scouts, in helping create the Rotary Youth Parliament, a training ground for many current and future Island leaders.

His writings on the political machinations of Prince Edward Island, including his work on municipal representation, are still used as reference material by political researchers. Zakem died in Charlottetown on January 23, 2013. In 2009, Zakem was admitted into the Order of Prince Edward Island in recognition of his many contributions to public life in the fields of politics, writing, education and community activity. Zakem was recognized and honoured as one of the Founders of the University of Prince Edward Island in 2011. Zakem was presented with an honorary Doctorate from the University of Prince Edward Island in 2012

Sam Harper

Sam Harper is an American filmmaker and screenwriter. Harper was born into an artistic family with a father, a painter and a mother, a writer. After college, he worked as a reporter and associate editor for the advertising industry trade publication Advertising Age in New York City before coming to California to work as a story analyst. Harper's primary role has been a screenwriter but he has been a director and producer as well. Many of Harper's films have received mixed to neutral reviews from film critics but have been profitable at the box office in terms of gross receipts, he is best known for the 2003 romantic comedy film Just Married starring Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy which achieved neutral to negative reviews but which had substantial profitability. Harper based the story, in part, on his own self-declared less-than-idyllic honeymoon in Italy with his wife. Harper worked with Jamie Foxx on Rio, Martin Lawrence on Open Season, David Moscow on Just Married, Bonnie Hunt on Cheaper by the Dozen.

He has loosely drawn characters in his screenplays from experiences involving his family members. Harper is the son of painter and advertising agency chairman of Needham Harper Worldwide Paul Harper Jr. and has five siblings including actress Jessica Harper, composer William Harper, illustrator Lindsay Harper duPont, Rev. Charles Harper and Diana Harper, he is the father of three boys. Sam Harper on IMDb Sam Harper at Rotten Tomatoes