Museum of Architecture, Wrocław

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The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Poland
Entrance of the museum

The Museum of Architecture (in Polish: Muzeum Architektury) is in Wrocław, Poland.[1] The museum was founded in 1965.[2]

The museum is the only architecture museum in Poland,[3] it is located in a 15th-century post-Bernardine set of buildings, including the St Bernardine of Sienna Church and a monastic quadrangle with a garden.

The Museum of Architecture was a founder-member of the International Federation of Architectural Museums (ICAM).[3]

The museum's collections illustrate the evolution of architecture in general, although with a specific focus on Poland, the largest collection of stained glass in Poland can be found here. Permanent exhibitions on display are: "Relics of Wroclaw's Mediaeval Architecture"; "Architectural Craft from the Twelfth to the Twentieth Century"; "Wroclaw: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"; "The Art of Geometry: A Gallery of Polish Geometrical and Constructivist Art".[4]


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