Muyu Muyu

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Muyu Muyu
Location Peru, Apurímac Region, Chincheros Province
Coordinates 13°40′15″S 73°40′23″W / 13.67083°S 73.67306°W / -13.67083; -73.67306Coordinates: 13°40′15″S 73°40′23″W / 13.67083°S 73.67306°W / -13.67083; -73.67306
Periods Chanka

Muyu Muyu (Quechua muyu circle,[1] the reduplication indicates that there is a group or a complex of something, "a complex of circles", also spelled Muyo Muyo) is an archaeological complex in Peru. It is located in the Apurímac Region, Chincheros Province, Uranmarca District.[2]


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