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Hangul 마이비카드
Revised Romanization maibi kadeu
McCune–Reischauer m'aibi k'adŭ

The Mybi card is a kind of contactless smartcard used in South Korea. This system was introduced in 2000 as a new fare collection system for the Busan area. now discontinued. see cashBee. Lotte started new name and united fare card. (eB card -> Upass + Mybi = cashBee)



Mybi uses MIFARE Standard 1k and PROX technology.


KB Free Pass and KTX Family Card[1] are Mybi-compatible system.


Mybi is now used in many areas.

  • Busan (Digital Busan Card) : subway, taxi, bus, toll road, parking lot
  • Ulsan (Digital Ulsan Card) : bus
  • Jinju (Digital Gyeongnam Card) : bus
  • Changwon (Digital Gyeongnam Card) : bus
  • Gimhae (Gimhae For You Card) : bus
  • Yangsan (Digital Gyeongnam Card) : bus
  • Sacheon (Digital Gyeongnam Card) : bus
  • Gimcheon,Gumi (Sinnari Card) : bus
  • Gyeongju (Digital Busan Card,Digital Ulsan Card) : bus
  • Gwangju (Bitgoeul Card) : subway, bus
  • Chuncheon : bus
  • Wonju : bus
  • Tae Bak, Pyeong Chang, Samcheok, Gang Reung,Sok Cho,Yeong Weol,Jeong Sun:Bus
  • Seoul : bus, and subway
  • all Chungcheongbukdo area (Ettum e-Card) : bus
  • all Chungcheongnamdo area (Digital Chungnam Card): bus
  • all Jeollabukdo area (Sinmyungie Card) : bus
  • all Jeollanamdo area (Digital Yehyang Jeonnam Card) : bus
  • AREX

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