Néouvielle massif

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Néouvielle massif
Pic Ramougn.jpg
North side of Pic Ramougn from Hourquette d'Aubert
Highest point
PeakPic Long
Elevation3,192 m (10,472 ft)
Range coordinates42°48.1′N 0°6′E / 42.8017°N 0.100°E / 42.8017; 0.100Coordinates: 42°48.1′N 0°6′E / 42.8017°N 0.100°E / 42.8017; 0.100
Parent rangePyrenees
Type of rockGranite

The Néouvielle massif is a group of mountains in the Pyrenees in France notable for its lakes and its microclimate. Much of the massif lies within the 23.13 square kilometres (8.93 sq mi) Néouvielle National Nature Reserve; this nature reserve was created in 1936 and is the third oldest in France.[1]

The name Néouvielle ('old snow') derives from nèu vielha in the Occitan languagenèu meaning 'snow' and vielha meaning 'old' – and is thought to refer to the many glaciers that used to belong to the region.

Néouvielle group[edit]

This group is centred on Pic de Néouvielle and is composed of heavily glaciated granite peaks.

Pic Méchant (background, centre) and Pic de Bugatet (background, in cloud) from above lac d'Aubert, with granite boulders and mountain pine

Pic Long-Campbieil group[edit]

This group lies to the south of the Néouvielle group and is outside the 'réserve naturelle du Néouvielle'.

Lac d'Aubert and Pic de Madamète (top right)

Flora and fauna[edit]

The massif enjoys a variety of climatic influences and supports a wide variety of plant and animal species,[2] including Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata (a subspecies of mountain pine) which grows in abundance between elevations of 1,600–2,300 m, cross-leaved heath, the arctic marsh cinquefoil, 94 species of lichen and several Mediterranean species, as well as some 22 species of sphagnum moss in the bogs within the park.

Approximately 370 species of animal are found in the reserve, including capercaillie, grey partridge, golden eagle, griffon vulture, isard, midwife toad, ptarmigan and Seoanei's viper.

East side of Pic de Néouvielle from lac d'Aumar



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