NFL Prime Time '98

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Sega Sports' NFL 98
Cover art picturing Tim Brown
Developer(s)Spectacular Games
Publisher(s)Sega of America
Designer(s)Michael Brook
Dan Brook
Artist(s)Douglas Wike
SeriesSega Sports' NFL
Platform(s)Sega Genesis
  • NA: May 14, 1997
Mode(s)1-4 players

NFL 98 (also known as NFL Prime Time 98) is a sports game released for the Sega Genesis in 1997. Based on the National Football League, the game was a follow up to Sega's only football video game for the Sega Saturn, NFL '97, it is the last game in Sega's original Joe Montana/NFL series, which would be succeeded by NFL 2K.

Like Sega's previous two NFL releases (NFL '95 and NFL '97), NFL '98 was released exclusively for the North American market, it was not only the last American football video game for the Sega Genesis, but it was one of the last sports games released for a 16-bit console, which were being succeeded by 32-bit consoles like the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation. The game runs under a modified engine of Prime Time NFL starring Deion Sanders with updated 96-97 rosters.

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