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The Campeonato Nacional was one of the two football tournaments that formed the Primera División season (along with the Metropolitano championship) since 1967. The Nacional championship was played annually until its last edition in 1985.[1]

The Nacional took place in the second half of the year while the Metropolitano took place in the first half of the year.


The Nacional championship was created by an initiative of then president of Argentine Football Association, Valentín Suárez, with the purpose of adding clubs outside Buenos Aires that competed in regional leagues.[2] Teams best placed in "Torneo Regional" (created in 1967 as well) were eligible to play the Campeonato Nacional.[3]

The first edition comprised 12 teams from the Metropolitano and four regional qualifiers, and was won by Independiente.[4]

The Nacional was played with a number of different formats including the basic league table, two groups qualifying to semi-finals and four groups qualifying to a final group, round of 16 or quarter finals. The last Nacional in 1985 featured an extremely complicated set-up. The number of participants varied between a low of 16 (1967 and 1968) and a high of 36 (1974).[2]

After the restructuring in the Argentine football league system in 1985 that created the Primera B Nacional, the Nacional and Metropolitano championship were abolished, being replaced by an unique competition with a European style format. The first edition was held in 1985–86.[2]

List of Champions[edit]


Year Champion Runner-up
1967 Independiente Estudiantes (LP)
1968 Vélez Sársfield River Plate
1969 Boca Juniors River Plate
1970 Boca Juniors Rosario Central
1971 Rosario Central San Lorenzo
1972 San Lorenzo River Plate
1973 Rosario Central River Plate
1974 San Lorenzo Rosario Central
1975 River Plate Estudiantes (LP)
1976 Boca Juniors River Plate
1977 Independiente Talleres (C)
1978 Independiente River Plate
1979 River Plate Unión
1980 Rosario Central Racing (C)
1981 River Plate Ferro Carril Oeste
1982 Ferro Carril Oeste Quilmes
1983 Estudiantes (LP) Independiente
1984 Ferro Carril Oeste River Plate
1985 Argentinos Juniors Vélez Sársfield

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