Naciye Hanım

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Naciye Hanım
Saliha Naciye.png
Born Zeliha Ankuap
c. 1882
Yukarı Ihsaniye, Bartın, Ottoman Empire
Died 4 December 1923(1923-12-04) (aged 40–41)
Erenköy, Istanbul
Burial Near the mausoleum (türbe) of Sultan Mahmud II, located at Divan Yolu street
Spouse Abdul Hamid II
Issue Şehzade Mehmed Abid
Samiye Sultan
Father Arslan Bey Ankuap
Mother Canhız Hanım
Religion Sunni Islam

Naciye Hanım (c. 1882 – 4 December 1923) was a consort of Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire.


Naciye Hanım was born as Zeliha Ankuap, in the village of Yukarı Ihsaniye, Bartın as the daughter of Georgian notable, Arslan Bey Ankuap and his wife Canhız Hanım.[1] Her father led the farming community and was the grandson of Kelesh Ahmed Bey Shervashidze, who was the head of state of the Principality of Abkhazia from the 1780s to 1808. She also had two sisters, Asiye Hanım and Pembe Hanım. At a very young age she was taken to the palace for service, by Kabasakal Mehmed Pasha, one of the compatriots of the Yıldız Palace.

According to a legend, Kabasakal Mehmed Pasha, in the palace of Anatolia, was looking for a girl for service and then went to Bartın where he heard about Naciye and immediately went to her sister Asiye Hanım, to talk about for her service in the Yıldız Palace. When she entered the palace for service, she was renamed as Saliha. However soon, during her service the Sultan Abdul Hamid II took notice of Saliha and they married on 4 November 1904 in the Yıldız Palace. After her marriage Abdul Hamid renamed her Naciye. Unlike her fellow consorts Naciye succeeded in binding the sultan to her, and became one of the two most favorite wives of Abdul Hamid II (as other being Müşfika Kadın). In the 1909 mutiny, Kabasakal ("twisted beard") was shaved and publicly hanged,[2] and Naciye accompanied Abdul Hamid into exile and returned to Istanbul with him in 1912.

She died on 4 December 1923 in a mansion located at Erenköy and was buried near the mausoleum of Sultan Mahmud II, located at Divan Yolu street.[3]


Together with Abdul Hamid, Saliha Naciye had two children:

  • Şehzade Mehmed Abid Efendi (Constantinople, Yıldız Palace, 17 September 1905 – Beirut, 8 December 1973 and buried in Damascus);
  • Samiye Sultan (16 January 1908 – Constantinople, Yıldız Palace, 24 January 1909).


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