Naftidrofuryl known as nafronyl or as the oxalate salt naftidrofuryl oxalate or nafronyl oxalate, is a vasodilator used in the management of peripheral and cerebral vascular disorders. It is claimed to enhance cellular oxidative capacity; the drug act as a selective antagonist of 5-HT2 receptors. Naftidrofuryl is licensed for the treatment of intermittent claudication due to peripheral arterial disease. Naftidrofuryl is marketed under a variety of trade names, including Artocoron, Azunaftil, Di-Actane, Enelbin, Gevatran, Iridux, Nafti, Naftodril, Praxilene, Sodipryl retard, Vascuprax, it has been used to treat sudden idiopathic hearing loss and acute tinnitus. Naftidrofuryl may be effective for relieving the pain of muscle cramps. Naftidrofuryl has been associated with abdominal pain and rash. Hepatitis and liver failure have been reported. Ketanserin Sarpogrelate

Radio Metrowave

Radio Metrowave was the first private radio station in Bangladesh. The station carried a news and entertainment format that it characterised as "infotainment", it broadcast on frequency 256.41 meter band or 1170 kHz in medium wave, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and noon to 3:00 p.m. The station served adjoining districts, it began broadcasting on 26 March 1999. Its programs Probhati, Ajker Din, Ganer Pakhi, Metro Hits, Global Rhythm, Nakshi Katha, Metro Sananda, Sonali Otit and Station Rock were, according to the station, popular. Radio Metrowave was closed down by the government on 27 June 2005 because of its persistent failure to pay off arrears to state-owned Bangladesh Betar, from which it rented a time slot and transmitter. Communications in Bangladesh List of Bangladeshi television and radio channels

Canton of Nouvion

The Canton of Nouvion is a former canton situated in the department of the Somme and in the Picardie region of northern France. It was disbanded following the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015, it consisted of 14 communes, which joined the canton of Abbeville-1 in 2015. The canton is organised around the commune of Nouvion in the arrondissement of Abbeville; the altitude varies from 0m at Noyelles-sur-Mer to 102m at Gapennes for an average of 35m. The canton of Nouvion comprised a total of 7,452 inhabitants. Arrondissements of the Somme department Cantons of the Somme department Communes of the Somme department Le canton de Nouvion on the Insee website This article is based on the equivalent article from the French Wikipedia, consulted on March 21st, 2008