Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve

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Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve
נחל מערות ממעוף הציפור.jpg
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location Israel Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 32°40′12″N 34°57′55″E / 32.67°N 34.9653°E / 32.67; 34.9653
Criteria Cultural: (iii), (v) Edit this on Wikidata
Reference 1393
Inscription 2012 (36th Session)
Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve is located in Israel
Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve
Location of Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve

The Caves of Nahal Me’arot / Wadi el-Mughara ("Caves Creek"), named here by the Hebrew and Arabic name of the valley where they are located, are a UNESCO Site of Human Evolution in the Carmel mountain range near Haifa in northern Israel.[1][2] The four UNESCO-listed caves are the Tanur / Tabun (lit.: Oven), Gamal / el-Jamal (Camel), Nahal / el-Wad (Stream), and Gedi / Es-Skhul (Kid) Cave. The four caves were proclaimed a site of "outstanding universal value" by UNESCO[1] in 2012, they are protected within a nature reserve.[3]

The caves were used for habitation by hominins and prehistoric humans and contain unique evidence of very early burials.

Nahal Mearot finger cliff


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