Nakhchivan field

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Nakhchivan field
Country Azerbaijan
Offshore/onshore Offshore
Operator RWE Dea
Partners RWE Dea, SOCAR
Field history
Discovery 1960
Estimated gas in place 300×10^9 m3 (11×10^12 cu ft)

Nakhchivan field is an offshore oil and gas field the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan. It is located 90 kilometres (56 mi) south of Baku, at a depth of 400–600 metres (1,300–2,000 ft).[1]

Nakhchivan deposit was discovered in 1960. It was prepared for drilling in 1994. In 1997, ExxonMobil and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) signed a contract on exploration of the field; however, this contract was later terminated due the absence of significant reserves.[1][2]

On 10 March 2010 it was reported that the German oil company RWE Dea signed a memorandum with SOCAR for developing the field.[1][2][3]

According to preliminary government estimates, the Nakhchivan field may contain up to 300 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 40 million tonne of natural gas condensate.[1][2]