Namibian Electronic Sports Association

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Namibian Electronic Sports Association
Namibian Electronic Sports Association logo
Official Emblem
Abbreviation NESA
Headquarters Windhoek, Namibia
110 registered, estimated community: 15 000+
Affiliations Namibia Sports Commission, IeSF

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) is the governing body of Electronic Sports in Namibia. It was founded in 2010, and affiliated to IeSF in 2011. It organized various E-Sports leagues and the Namibian national E-Sports team. In 2012 it was closed due to lack of community interest and participation. It was re-opened in 2013 after a new board was created containing a mixture of old board- and community members.


The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) serves as the governing and representative sports body for electronic sports (eSports) in Namibia. NESA governs, facilitates, co-ordinates and administrates the primary and secondary objectives relating to eSports in Namibia:

Primary Objectives

  • Promotion: Promoting and marketing of eSports to the public, corporate and government sectors
  • Preparation: Development, training and funding of eSport
  • Participation: Participation in regional, national and international events and tournaments

Secondary Objectives

  • Regulatory and sanctioning functions of eSports
  • Promote sportsmanship, discipline and sporting etiquette
  • Promote healthy, sporting lifestyles and wellness
  • Support eSports related industries and service providers
  • Promote legal electronic practices

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