Ivaldo Bertazzo

Ivaldo Bertazzo is a Brazilian dancer and movement therapist. Bertazzo was born as a son of an Italian father and Lebanese mother, he began his professional career as a dancer. He performed in Latin America as well as in other parts of the world, like in Europe and Asia. Since 1975 he continued his career as a youth worker, dancing choreographer; this particular year he founded the Escola de Movimento in São Paulo. Here he develops new training schemes for youngsters from the favelas and other underprivileged backgrounds, he offers them perspectives by giving cultural education. Furthermore they have lessons in origami - to train spatial insight -, percussion, history of dance, speech-language pathology and health care. In his choreographies he combines varying dancing styles, from hip hop, capoeira until Indian dance. With his pupils he makes worldwide appearances. In 2004, Bertazzo was honored with a Prince Claus Award from the Netherlands for "establishing these innovative programmes that put young people in touch with their potential, for stimulating cultural creativity that provides opportunities for individuals and communities."

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National Theatre of Japan

The National Theatre of Japan is a complex consisting of three halls in two buildings in Hayabusa-chō, a neighborhood in Chiyoda, Japan. The Japan Arts Council, an Independent Administrative Institution of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Technology, operates the National Theatre, it stages performances of traditional Japanese performing arts. The main building has two halls; the Large Theatre hosts performances of Buyō as well as stage plays. The Small Hall specializes in bunraku, Japanese music, smaller buyō productions, gagaku, shōmyō, folk theatre. In a separate building, the Engei Hall stages manzai performances; each year in April, the awards ceremony for the Japan Prize takes place in the National Theatre. Attendees include the Emperor and Empress, the Prime Minister, the President of the House of Councillors, the Speaker of the House of Representatives; the 1995 Japanese Drumming Concert, sponsored by the National Theatre of Japan, featured artists such as Tokyo Dagekidan. In 2010, a double bill of Yukio Mishima's Iwashi Uri Koi Hikiami and Roben Sugi no Yurai was performed.

In February 2019, the Farewell Jubilee celebrations for the Emperor Akihito will take place. Official website