Naniwa Nagara-Toyosaki Palace

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The Naniwa Palace Site Park

Naniwa Nagara-Toyosaki Palace (難波長柄豊碕宮, Naniwa-no-Nagara-no-Toyosaki-no-miya), is a historical palace which was located in present-day central Osaka city, Japan. The palace of this period is also sometimes referred to as the Former Naniwa Palace (前期難波宮, zenki-Naniwa-no-miya), to contrast it with the (Latter) Naniwa Palace built in the same location in 744 AD.

Construction of the palace was completed in 652 AD; the palace stood for 34 years before being destroyed by fire in 686 AD.


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Coordinates: 34°40′50.347″N 135°31′23.80″E / 34.68065194°N 135.5232778°E / 34.68065194; 135.5232778