Narangga language

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RegionSouth Australia
EthnicityNarungga people
Extinctca. 1936[1]
Revival1980s;[1] 24 speakers reported in 2006 census[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nnr

Narangga (also Narungga) is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language formerly spoken by the Narungga people in Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. As a result of the colonisation of Australia, the Narangga language fell into disuse within several generations. Nevertheless, Narangga continued to be documented into the 20th century and the 1980s saw a community reclamation of the Narangga language by the Aboriginal community. As a result of revival efforts, the language along with Narangga culture is now being taught around the Yorke Peninsula, from Moonta and Maitland Area Schools to Point Pearce.


Narangga is related to other Yura languages such as Nukunu, Kaurna, and Ngadjuri. As such it belongs to the Pama–Nyungan family.


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