National Board of Review Awards 1936

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8th National Board of Review Awards

December 18, 1936

The 8th National Board of Review Awards were announced on 18 December 1936.

Best American Films[edit]

  1. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
  2. The Story of Louis Pasteur
  3. Modern Times
  4. Fury
  5. Winterset
  6. The Devil is a Sissy
  7. Ceiling Zero
  8. Romeo and Juliet
  9. The Prisoner of Shark Island
  10. The Green Pastures

Top Foreign Films[edit]

  1. Carnival in Flanders
  2. The New Earth
  3. Rembrandt
  4. The Ghost Goes West
  5. Nine Days a Queen
  6. We Are From Kronstadt
  7. Son of Mongolia
  8. The Yellow Cruise
  9. Les Misérables
  10. The Secret Agent


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