National Centre for Earth Observation

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National Centre for Earth Observation
National Centre for Earth Observation Logo.gif
Legal statusGovernment Organisation
PurposeEarth Observation Science
Region served
United Kingdom
Professor John Remedios
Parent organization
Natural Environment Research Council

The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) is part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and looks at improving knowledge of the earth by taking observations from space and aircraft, as well as observations from the ground to produce models which will help understand, respond and adapt to climate and environmental changes.[1]


The organisation was previously centred at the University of Reading, known nationally for its department of meteorology, which requires satellite observation of the Earth; the NCEO is now at the University of Leicester, known for its research into astronomy and its National Space Centre.


The NCEO is based in the United Kingdom and works closely with the UK satellite industry, it is a part of the larger Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).[2]

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