National Democracy (Czech Republic)

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National Democracy
Národní demokracie
Leader Adam B. Bartoš
Founded 2005 (2005)
Headquarters Březová 19/25, 405 01 Děčín
Newspaper National Democracy
Ideology Czech nationalism
National conservatism[1]
Political position Far-right
Colors      Blue

No To Brussels - National Democracy or simply the National Democracy (Czech: Národní demokracie, short ND) is a national-conservative and eurosceptic political party in the Czech Republic. The party was founded in fall 2005[citation needed] as "Law and Justice - Yes to traditional family, No to corruption and criminality" (Czech: Právo a Spravedlnost - ANO tradiční rodině, NE korupci a kriminalitě) or simply the "Law and Justice", inspired by Polish party Prawo i Sprawiedliwość.

On 11 January 2014, the party transformed into the current No To Brussels - National Democracy, to bruit[clarification needed] continuity with first Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia, Karel Kramář, and his Czechoslovak National Democracy.


Election Candidate First round result Second round result
Votes %Votes Result Votes %Votes Result
2018 Petr Hannig 29,228 0.56 8th place


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