National Philharmonic in Warsaw

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National Philharmonic in Warsaw
Filharmonia Narodowa 03.jpg
National Philharmonic in Warsaw is located in Poland
National Philharmonic in Warsaw
Location in Poland
General information
Type Concert Hall
Architectural style Socialist realism, Eclecticist
Country Poland
Coordinates 52°14′03″N 21°00′40″E / 52.23417°N 21.01111°E / 52.23417; 21.01111
Construction started 1900
Completed 1901; 117 years ago (1901)
Design and construction
Architect Karol Kozłowski (1901),
Eugeniusz Szparkowski (1955)

National Philharmonic in Warsaw (Polish: Filharmonia Narodowa w Warszawie) is a Polish cultural institution, located at 5 Jasna Street in Warsaw. The building was built between 1900 and 1901, under the direction of Karol Kozłowski, to be reconstructed in 1955 by Eugeniusz Szparkowski. The director of the institution is Wojciech Nowak.[1][2]

Since 1955, the institution organises the International Chopin Piano Competition.

The building hosts the annual festival Warsaw Autumn.[3]


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