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National Register of Historic Places listings in Indiana

This is a list of properties and districts in Indiana that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are over 1,900 in total. Of these, 39 are National Historic Landmarks; each of Indiana's 92 counties has at least two listings. The locations of National Register properties and districts, may be seen in an online map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates"; this National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted February 28, 2020. The following are approximate tallies of current listings by county; these counts are based on entries in the National Register Information Database as of March 13, 2009 and new weekly listings posted since on the National Register of Historic Places web site. There are frequent additions to the listings and occasional delistings and the counts here are approximate and not official. New entries are added to the official Register on a weekly basis; the counts in this table exclude boundary increase and decrease listings which modify the area covered by an existing property or district and which carry a separate National Register reference number.

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Tweedsmuir is a village and civil parish in Tweeddale, the Scottish Borders Council district, southeastern Scotland. The village is set in a valley, with the rolling hills and burns on both sides, covering some fifty square miles, it incorporates settlements at Hearthstane, Cockiland and Oliver. Tweedsmuir was in the historic former county of Peeblesshire, it is situated 8 miles from the source of the River Tweed. Oliver Castle was one of the local strongholds, country estates, of the Clan Tweedie family; the Parish Church of Tweedsmuir was built with Scottish red sandstone. There are notable Tweedie gravestones in the parish churchyard; the Crook Inn is in the village, on the A701. It is one of many claimants to be the oldest inn in Scotland, it is where Robert Burns wrote "Willie Wastle's Wife". The 22 MW Glenkerie wind farm of Infinis is located 3.1 miles northwest of the village. The Talla Reservoir is nearby. In 1894 the Edinburgh and District Water Trustees decided to build Talla as the new source of water for Edinburgh.

The surface and the gradient of the main road were unsuitable for carting the quantities of material that would be needed for the new reservoir, so the Talla Railway was built from Broughton to Talla. While work on the railway and the reservoir was in progress, a large number of workmen lived in Tweedsmuir increasing the population; the valve-closing ceremony was held at Talla on 20 May 1905, on 28 September, when the reservoir was about two-fifths full, there was an inaugural ceremony. The large company was brought from Edinburgh in two special trains, which were hauled for the last stage of the journey, from Broughton Station, by small service engines on the Talla railway. Fruid Reservoir is nearby. List of places in the Scottish Borders Scott, Sheila: Tales of Tweedsmuir: glimpses of an Upland Parish in the Past. Borders Family History Society: article on Tweedsmuir

Emilia-Romagna luthiers

Franco Albanelli don Nicola Amati Otello Bignami Marino Capicchioni Carlo Carletti Natale Carletti Giovanni Cavani Giuseppe Fiorini Raffaele Fiorini Arturo Fracassi Orsolo Gotti Giovanni Battista Guadagnini Gian Carlo Guicciardi Floriano Guidanti Giovanni Guidanti Giuseppe Lepri Mario Maccaferri Custode Marcucci Giovanni Marchi Nicolò Marchioni Pietro Messori Luigi Mingazzi Armando Monterumici Paolo Morara Luigi Mozzani Ansaldo Poggi Augusto Pollastri Cesare Pollastri Gaetano Pollastri Roberto Regazzi Sesto Rocchi Elisa Scrollavezza Renato Scrollavezza Gaetano Sgarabotto Pietro Sgarabotto Giuseppe Sgarbi Ettore Soffritti Luigi Soffritti Maurizio Spignoli Nicola Utili Carlo Annibale Tononi Giovanni Tononi Raffaele Vaccari Andrea Zanrè Aldo Capelli..... Sandro Pasqual, Roberto Regazzi, Lutherie in Bologna. Rosengard, Duane Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, The life and achievement of a master maker of violins. Versari Artemio, Modern Violin Making in the Emilia-Romagna Region; the Sound of Bologna