National Register of Historic Places listings in Syracuse, New York

The National Register of Historic Places listings in Syracuse, New York are described below. There are 105 listed properties and districts in the city of Syracuse, including 19 business or public buildings, 13 historic districts, 6 churches, four school or university buildings, three parks, six apartment buildings, 43 houses. Twenty-nine of the listed houses were designed by architect Ward Wellington Ward; the 54 properties and districts in Onondaga County outside Syracuse are listed in National Register of Historic Places listings in Onondaga County, New York. One property, the New York State Barge Canal, spans both the county; the locations of National Register properties and districts with known coordinates can be viewed in map form. This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted February 21, 2020. KEY National Register of Historic Places listings in New York National Register of Historic Onondaga County, NY listings — a private site for NRHP information for the above historic sites, with street addresses and other info.

National Park Service: "Architecture of Ward Wellington Ward in Syracuse MPS" — MPS = multiple property submission. National Park Service: "Historic Designed Landscapes of Syracuse, New York MPS" "The Greek Revival in Syracuse" — online book of Greek Revival architecture in Syracuse

Michael Moynihan (Cork politician)

Michael Moynihan is an Irish Fianna Fáil politician, a Teachta Dála for the Cork North-West constituency since the 1997 general election. Moynihan was born in Kiskeam, County Cork, in 1968, he was educated locally at Boherbue Comprehensive School, located in the village of Boherbue, five miles from Kiskeam. A dairy farmer by profession, he first became involved in national politics in 1997, when he was elected at the 1997 general election to Dáil Éireann as a Fianna Fáil TD. Moynihan's election caused somewhat of a shock because he succeeded in unseating sitting Fine Gael TD Frank Crowley, in what had been one of Fine Gael's strongest constituencies, where they had held more seats than Fianna Fáil. At the 1997 election, another candidate, Donal Howard, gained votes in the Kanturk and Kilcorney areas of the constituency. Moynihan was Chairman of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Education and Science from 2004 to 2007, he served as chairman of Ógra Fianna Fáil, the youth wing of the party, until 2005.

He topped the poll at the 2002 general election and was re-elected at the 2007, 2011 and 2016 general elections. He has served as the Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Agriculture and Food from 2011 to 2012, Spokesperson on Communications and Natural Resources 2012 to 2016, from May 2016 he has served as Opposition Chief Whip. Michael Moynihan's page on the Fianna Fáil website

Lake Bunot

Lake Bunot is one of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna in the Philippines. It is located in Brgy. Concepcion, San Pablo City. Only 4.5 kilometres from the city proper, Bunot is known for its cultured tilapia and fishpens for Nilotica fingerlings. Bunot has a normal surface area of 30.5 hectares with a maximum depth of 23 metres. It is said that in the Spanish Era, some Spanish soldiers came upon a quiet lagoon and wanting to know its name for surveying purposes enquired such from a man husking coconuts by the lakeshore; as is common to many Philippine etymological myths, the man misunderstood the foreign soldiers as asking for the name of the coconut husk, replied in Tagalog Bunót. The Spaniards left thinking that it was the name of the lake. Geographic data related to Lake Bunot at OpenStreetMap Legends of the Seven Lakes