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National Tennis Centre

The original National Tennis Centre in Toronto was located in the north end of York University's Keele campus next to the Metro Toronto Track and Field Centre.[1]

Built in the late 1970s and originally the courts were clay, they were later changed to Har-Tru; the site was too small (boxed in by Steeles Avenue on the north, parking lots to the west and south and historic Jacob Stong House and Barn to the east) for the growing tournament, as pressure from the ATP + WTA Tours collectively forced the building of a new site on the west end of York University.

The site had 6 courts for play, and 4 practice courts (used for housing player facilities); the main structure was an open-air stadium with wooden seats and was not suitable for a first class tennis tour. The stadium held roughly 10,000 fans, and a second show court held roughly 2,000.

In 2003 the stadium was torn down and replaced by the Rexall Centre, located to the west of this site; the centre court has been demolished with area fenced off, but the 8 outer courts are still present (2 other courts are covered over).[2] York University uses the building at 190 Albany Road for office space.

Coordinates: 43°46′45″N 79°30′02″W / 43.779144°N 79.500504°W / 43.779144; -79.500504

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