National Theatre in Niš

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National Theatre in Niš
Нишко Народно Позориште
Narodno pozoriste Nis.jpg
National Theatre in Niš
Address Sinđelić Square
Capacity 687
Opened 11 March 1887 as "Sinđelić" Theatre
Rebuilt 1968, 1986, 2002/03
Architect Aleksandar Bugarski

The National Theatre (Serbian: Народно позориште у Нишу or Narodno Pozorište u Nišu) is a theater in Serbia, that was founded in 1887 as "Sinđelić" Theatre, and reorganized in 1906 as National Theatre, following the completion of new theatre building.

The theater is located on Sinđelić Square, in Niš, Serbia.

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Coordinates: 43°19′14″N 21°54′00″E / 43.3205°N 21.9°E / 43.3205; 21.9