Naval Education Service

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Naval Education Service
United Kingdom
Branch overview
Formed 1914
Preceding Branch
  • Department of Naval Education
Dissolved 1978
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Government of the United Kingdom
Headquarters Admiralty Building
Branch executive
  • Director of the Naval Education Service
Parent Branch Admiralty, Ministry of Defence

The Naval Education Service was a branch of the British Royal Navy which both provided education for naval personnel and ran schools for children of Royal Navy personnel.


It was the Department of Naval Education[1] of the Admiralty from 1914 until 1951, it was abolished in 1978. Its functions have now been taken over by Service Children's Education.

Heads of Naval Education[edit]

Adviser on Naval Education[edit]

Directors of the Education Department of the Admiralty[edit]

Directors of the Naval Education Service and Heads of the Instructor Branch[edit]

Rear-Admiral Brinley Morgan.

Chief Naval Instructor Officers[edit]

Held in conjunction with another appointment.

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